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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The land of milk and honey, where is it? Israel ?

The account is given in the book of Exodus of the bible that when the Israelites were to come out of Egypt they will be taken to a land flowing with milk and honey. The question that may asked today is, where is this promised land? Is it in Israel where there is constant strife, battle, and wars? Is it in Palestine where there is battle between Israel and the Muslims daily? Is it in Jerusalem, where there has been one battle after the other between Christians, Jews, and Muslims?

Thousands of years have gone by since the Israelites came out of Egypt and for that many years they have been persecuted, scattered across the face of the earth, and in a country like Germany killed by the thousands in gas chambers. Is it a spirit on the earth that makes such an effort to eradicate the Jews off the face of the earth or is all this the natural order of things? Moses was supposedly sent by God to take the Israelites to a land of paradise flowing with milk and honey. So where on earth is this promised land, or was this a sales speech to simply to convince the Jews to make them leave Egypt?

There is no place on earth that can be called a paradise of peace. The human nature itself does not allow such a place to be for it were so, it would have been crowded. The middle east has been in constant conflict, and the neighboring countries have had their share of battles. Some of these countries even threaten to eliminate Israel off the face of the map. The question that may be asked today is, where is the promised land of milk of honey?

Let us take a look at it from God’s point of view, that with today’s technology and weapons would it be wise for divine intervention in the conflicts of the middle east? Would the Lord send a prophet into a people who are armed with weapons that are capable of destroying a whole country and thousands of people? The Lord’s hand is tied up by our advancement and as fully grown adults we are now responsible for ourselves for good or bad.

Israel may indeed have been brought to the land flowing with milk and honey but they did not know it was. They had no idea of the value of what was beneath the soil they walked on and possibly was looking for a paradise elsewhere. My suspicion of the words land flowing with milk and honey is a figurative term for of course there is no such actual place on earth. Milk comes out of the cow and honey is made by the bees, so why the analogy in the first place?

Hear O Israel, the promised land was given to you but you took the wrong turn and looked elsewhere. The Israelites at one time was the strongest force in that entire middle east region and the land in that area was at their disposal. The land of milk and honey is the oil beneath the soil which is the richest resource of those areas of Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and the middle east region. Oil is cheaper than water, they say in the middle east. The oil is the milk of the earth, just as the cow is the earth from which milk comes from. Honey is sweet to the taste and is food, but if thousands of gallons of honey is on the ground would it not look like oil? The milk and honey O Israel is the oil of the earth that you have overlooked.

There can be only one blessing per family and no matter how many children are born to a woman only one of them can truly be blessed. For there can only be one king on one land, and just as Jacob took the blessing of Esau, and none was left, the land which Israel and the people of that region reside on has one blessing, which is the oil. Esau has reclaimed his birth right from Jacob, and Israel the descendants of Jacob have lost their blessing of the land of milk and honey to the Arabs. Ishmael says, he was the first born and Isaac says the land is his. Jacob says the land is his, and Esau says it is his birthright.

Spiritual beings speak in a language of parables, analogies and figuratively. Their form of communication is intended to be understood by the wise, and hidden from the wicked and from children. For good tools in the wrong hands can be used as weapons of destruction, so the hidden truths written in spiritual text are often veiled and requires the inspiration of an angel of God to translate them. Many of the stories and statements made by God are not literally what they seem to be, but represent the essence of the truth. Spiritual beings do not give clear and exact answers to anything, but rather they lead the mind of the individual to discover the answers or truth. A spiritual being is not allowed to give an exact answer to a question for that will be an interference of the free will of the choice of the individual and interfere with the natural evolutionary process of the individual. They guide the mind, but they do not compel the mind. They will inspire you with a thought that contains opposites for you to choose one from the other. They use parables and analogies for you to uncover the meaning of words yourself. They use the language of symbols to refer to one thing when it really means something else. They give you dreams that require interpretation to be understood.

Whatever comes out of the mouth of a God or an angel is usually not to be interpreted on their face value of words, for they usually have deeper levels of interpretation. For this reason there are all kinds of stories in the bible, that do not make sense scientifically whatsoever. They were not meant to make sense in the first place, for if the Israelites where told that milk and honey was the oil of the land, and that there is a sea of treasure beneath the land they walked on, wouldn’t that be obvious to the rest of the world as well? The revelations given to scribes, and prophets are always coded with hidden meanings, and it is up to them to decode the meaning or transmit the message in its coded form for the public to decode them.

The Genesis of creation, the stories of Adam & Eve, the story of the tower of Babel, the story of Noah’s ark and the flood, the book of revelation of the new testament are all coded messages, and it is up to us to decipher their meaning and not to be taken on face value.

If Adam & Eve were the only original two people on the earth, how do we account for the black Africans and the Orientals? If Noah were to take two animals each into the ark, with over 16 million pair of animals on the earth, it will require an ark larger than the country of Ghana, or the state of New Jersey. If the tower of Babel was so high that it could reach the clouds, then that tower has to be higher than mount Everest which the people of that time could not have the technology to build in the first place. If God created the earth in seven days including mankind, how do we then account for the fact that there are whales in the sea that are millions of years older than mankind? The book of revelation have lead Christians to belief that Jesus would come out of the clouds, resurrect people from the dead, and judge the world standing on the hills of Jerusalem. If the dead were resurrected from their bones to gather in Jerusalem, will the total population of the people of China alone fit into the space of Jerusalem? If the statement written in any scripture does not make logical or scientific sense then know that either the message is coded, or it is simply a false story made up by the writer.

The fun in sports is not to know the results of the game until the end of the game, for will the players be motivated to play the game if they already knew the results of the outcome of the game? To explore, to discover, to overcome the obstacles that elude the solution, and to evolve gradually is all part of the fun in the sport of living. So the creators of the game of life let you play on and on for thousands of years and when you give up and can’t find your way out gives you a hint to the clue of the game.

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